Sunday, 9 February 2014

Basic Preppy

 photo 5b4e46dd-af0e-4fa3-baa0-94d0c68d8453.jpg

Jacket - Zara
Sweater - Mango
Jeans - Filippa K
Boots - Office

 photo 48287383-d022-4dc7-813a-13cac6bbe6ba.jpg
 photo 3e1f52ce-20de-429a-a9bd-0ec5fe35128b.jpg
 photo a8ece7a8-08b2-48e5-b366-c0f69fc3ee6e.jpg
 photo 13258b13-e408-470c-8f7e-7997fcea1db3.jpg
 photo a43281c9-bc7b-4b3e-ac46-dd8315b4e19f.jpg
 photo 4997b007-d9bc-4c9f-a554-d566cf397607.jpg
 photo eb78a49d-1b51-41e4-88fa-d6737ccb5337.jpg

Ever since I started blogging I've built up this pressure to dress up better, which is sometimes difficult, especially when you have 9 am lectures 3 times a week... However, on those days that I do need to look somewhat presentable I go for basics, like I did with this outfit. 
I've currently been having way too many "I have nothing to wear" -moments,  I don't know why but I'm guessing due to the transition from winter wardrobe to spring, but nevertheless I'm really fighting the urge to shop with all my might!

Happy Sunday (funday hahah)!!


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